Monday, 16 November 2009

Wasted waste

We're having a stand-off with the Council.  About 2 weeks ago, they changed our recycling scheme to include cooked/ uncooked food disposal.  'This is great!', we exclaimed and immediately started dividing our waste.  When it came time to put our recycling and rubbish out, we did so with glee! 

But they didn't pick it up.  So we thought, oh dear, have they changed the dates . . .  the times?  We checked the internet and low and behold, yes, they'd changed the date.  So, we took it all back in a little less gleefully and waited for the next week to come.  The next week, we again, took our rubbish out as well as the overflowing recycling bins and waited with baited breath for collection.

They didn't pick up.

We and our lovely neighbours began to call, to write, to email.  We're a tidy lot and the sight of rubbish and recycling on our pristine little path was bit much for us to take. 

Saturday we received a letter stating that they would no longer pick up our rubbish or recycling from the end of our path (this was, they declared, a 'back door' service).  They would only pick up from the front of our property. 

(I thought I had a pic to share of the front of the house, but I don't.  Suffice it to say that there are very very very (very) steep steps out the front that lead directly onto the street.  The street itself is wide enough for one car.  There's no room for recycling.)

That same day, we woke up to:

After enough time, it seems that yes, animals do get into rubbish.  Imagine! We spent our morning re-bagging the rubbish of our college-student neighbours.  Ponder what they consisted of, if you like. 

We called.  We emailed.  

Now the question looms, will they pick up this week? 

Stay tuned . . . 

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