Saturday, 21 November 2009

Culture Shock

Culture shock

I’ve been in Texas for the last 18 hours.  I know that I’m from Texas, grew up in Texas and I've spent a long, long while in Texas.  But when I come back now, it’s all a bit of a shock!

Some observations:

- I can no longer understand Mexican accents.   What?  Que?  Como?  No se.

- I can no longer understand why I can’t call mexicans, Mexicans.  I’m supposed to call them hispanic, latino or some variation of those two.

 - Everything certainly is bigger in Texas!  My Bistec Encebollado kicked my ass last night.  It was bigger than me though, so I suppose that makes sense.

 - There are 500 channels to choose from and nothing on.  I’m watching BBC America.  

 - I’ve forgotten how to dial.  It took 5 tries to call my mother this morning.

 - I've been hit on twice. . . by large men. I never get hit on at home, and I've come to appreciate that.

 - Everything moves really slowly.  So far today, I've had a shower and watched a horrible independent film.  The second half of my day involves a few phone calls and beer.  It's nice, but not easy to sink into.

 - I've been asked twice where I'm from because of my accent.  It's gone the way of Madonna, I fear.

 - if the air conditioning is not on, the heating is.  Opening windows is not an option.

I had more, but they have floated away in my jet-lagged brain.  

Stay tuned.  I shall borrow a camera soon (as I forgot mine) and take some pics.

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