Thursday, 7 October 2010

Additional Info on Howard University

The team over at feminist philosophers posted additional information for getting in touch with those at Howard:

Wondering how likely it is that many people would snail mail a letter to Howard, I went to their site and found a whole bouquet of telephone numbers and email addresses; see below.  And since so many of us have educational addresses, email can add to the credibility.  I think the next step is for us to compose some letters, so people can just copy a letter and email it.  How about seeing some letters showing up in the comments? 

University Officers

**President Sidney A. Ribeau, Ph.D.
**Provost and Chief Academic Officer James H. Wyche, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President and
Chief Operating Officer
 Troy A. Stovall
Senior Vice President
Strategic Planning, Operations & External Affairs & Chief Technology Officer
 Hassan Minor, Ph.D.
Senior Vice President and
Executive Dean for Health Sciences 
Eve J. Higginbotham, M.D.
General Counsel Norma Leftwich, J.D.
Vice President of Research & ComplianceFlorence Bonner, Ph.D.
–>**Vice President for Student Affairs Barbara L.J. Griffin, Ph.D.
Johnson Administration Building, Suite 201

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Irigaray conference - London - Registration open

I am, of course, going to this one:

Sexuate Subjects: Politics, Poetics and Ethics

UCL, London

Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th December 2010

Please register now via the website.

This international interdisciplinary conference seeks to generate new theories and practices of subjectivity  ‘sexuate subjects’ ­ through contemporary poetic and political research in the visual arts, humanities and social sciences, and with reference to Luce Irigaray’s theory of ‘sexuate difference’. It explores how these positive ethical subjectivities for women and men are constructed through spatial, material and textual feminist poetics and politics. Over three days, it will examine especially how sexuate subjects (people/disciplines) aid interdisciplinary responses to contemporary global crises of community conflict, social and environmental wellbeing.

Sexuate Subjects will focus on these issues as they are expressed in political, poetic and ethical practice in disciplines including:

architecture, art, literature, modern languages, philosophy, the political and social sciences. Nine panels and invited keynote speakers examine the following themes:

-    environmental and social crises

-    sustainable ecologies

-    poetic communities, pedagogies, voices and bodies

-    the politics of bio-medicine, body-rights, family and well-being

By examining these complex expressions of our physical and psychic lives through artefact, body, dialogue, image, installation and word, the event

will provide a platform of diverse approaches which can help us build

sexuate futures for all. Such approaches aim to contribute towards

developing more nuanced understandings of the diversity of global cultures

and their academic and public intersections. International experts from

higher education, professional and public realms, as well as young

researchers and practitioners, are invited to attend.

Confirmed Invited Speakers

Principal Keynote:

Luce Irigaray, Doctor in Philosophy and Director of Research in Philosophy

at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientific, Paris,


Dr Caroline Bergvall, AHRC Fellow in the Creative and Performing Arts,

School of Humanities, University of Southampton,

Dr Karen Burns, Department of Architecture, Monash University,


Professor Lorraine Code, Department of Philosophy, Toronto University,

Professor Elizabeth Grosz, Department of Women’s and Gender Studies,

Rutgers University, New Jersey - video conference presentation.

Professor Dorita Hannah, Spatial Design, College of Creative Arts, Massey

University, New Zealand,

Dr Doina Petrescu, Atelier d’Architecture Autogérée and the Department of

Architecture, University of Sheffield,


Professor Katja Grillner,

Dr Meike Schalk,

Dr Katerina Bonnevier,

Brady Burroughs  of FATALE, School of Architecture, KTH, Stockholm,

Dr Gillian Howie, Department of Philosophy, Liverpool University,

Professor Mary Rawlinson, Departments of Philosophy and Comparative

Literature, Stony Brook University, State University of New York,

Dr Margrit Shildrick, School of Sociology, Social Policy & Social Work,

Queen’s University, Belfast,

Professor Gail Schwab, Professor of Romance Languages and Literature,

Hofstra University, Long Island NY

Professor Judith Still, School of Modern Languages and Culture, The

University of Nottingham

Taking Place: Feminist Spatial Practice collective

For more information and contact details please go to the Conference


CFP: Evil, Women and the Feminine

I had a paper accepted for this one last year, but they charge £250 in conference fees!  I couldn't go.  If you'd like to send me £250 to go this year, I'll more than happily deliver my work on matricide in Family Guy.

3rd Global Conference
Evil, Women and the Feminine
13th to 15th May 2011
Warsaw, Poland

Call for Papers
This inter-disciplinary conference seeks to
examine issues surrounding the conjunction between
evil and the feminine. In many cultures women have
been long suspected as the source of sundry human
miseries, however basic to society they may be. At
the same time as ideals of purity and dedication
to family have been exalted and feminine beauty
lauded, women have been viewed as embodying
sinister forces of evil. Mistrusted as
seductive and beguiling, women are also often
thought of as vengeful, manipulative and even
malevolent. In grappling with our understanding of
what it is to be 'evil' the project aims to shine
a spotlight on this dark area of the human
condition and explore the possible sources of the
fear and resentment of women.

Papers, reports, work-in-progress and workshops
are invited on issues related to the following themes:

- Evil Women and Feminine Evil
- Representing and Misrepresenting the Female
- Motherhood; Monstrous Motherhood
- Monstrous Births and Infanticide
- Matriarchy / Matricide
- Devious Sexuality and Feminine Perversions
- Women and the Abject
- Menstruation, Castration
- Fears and Myths: Feminine Blood
- Anthropological Perspectives
- Historical Perspectives
- The Evil Woman in Literature
- Psychoanalytic perspectives: "Vagina Dentata" etc
- Sexualizing the Female or Evil Objectification
- Jezebel, Delilah, Lilith, Harpies and the Femme
- The Bitch
- Women and Power
- Beauty as threatening or evil
- Portrayals of Evil Women
- Fantasy
- Mythology
- Vampires, Witches and Sirens
- Case Studies

The Steering Group particularly welcomes the
submission of pre-formed panel proposals. Papers
will also be considered on any related theme.
300 word abstracts should be submitted by Friday
26th November 2010. If an abstract is accepted for
the conference, a full draft paper should be
submitted by Friday 1st April 2011.

300 word abstracts should be submitted
simultaneously to both Organising Chairs;
abstracts may be in Word, WordPerfect, or RTF
formats with the following information and in this

a) author(s), b) affiliation, c) email address, d)
title of abstract, e) body of abstract.
E-mails should be entitled: EWF3 Abstract Submission.

Please use plain text (Times Roman 12) and abstain
from using footnotes and any special formatting,
characters or emphasis (such as bold,
italics or underline). We acknowledge receipt and
answer to all paper proposals submitted. If you do
not receive a reply from us in a week you
should assume we did not receive your proposal; it
might be lost in cyberspace! We suggest that you then
look for an alternative electronic route or resend.

Organising Chairs:
* Sorcha Ní Fhlainn
Hub Leader, Project Co-Leader, School of English,
Trinity College,
Dublin, Ireland

* Stephen Morris
Hub Leader, Independent Scholar, New York USA

* Rob Fisher
Network Founder and Leader,Inter-Disciplinary.Net,
United Kingdom

The conference is part of the At the Interface
programme of research projects. It aims to bring
together people from different areas and interests
to share ideas and explore various discussions
which are innovative and exciting. All papers
accepted for and presented at the
conference will be eligible for publication in an
ISBN eBook.  Selected papers may be developed for
publication in a themed hard copy volume(s).

For further details about the project pleases visit:

Philosophy Dept cut - Howard University

I'm deeply upset about this one. How can such a major and unique institution cut philosophy?  

Dear Colleagues:

See below regarding the collapsing of the philosophy department at Howard University) and the CLR James Library in London):

Howard University--Philosophy Department risking elimination.  Request for letters to the university President.

Dr. Sidney Ribeau, president of Howard University, is recommending that Howard University’s Philosophy Department be eliminated.  Would you be kind enough to help support those of us who see this as a strategic mistake in the struggle for Black equality.  In showing support would you write a letter to Dr. Ribeau giving your opinions on the historic centrality of the Philosophy Department at Howard University and the reasons why you believe it should be continued.  This will we a tough fight and Dr. Ribeau will make this decision final December 1, 2010. Please write to:

                               Dr. Sidney Ribeau, President
                               Howard University
                               2400 6th Street NW
                               Washington, DC 20059

In solidarity,

Richard A. Jones
Howard University
Department of Philosophy

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Under-represented Groups in Philosophy

Under-Represented Groups in Philosophy
A SWIP-UK / BPA Conference
Supported By: The Mind Association, The Aristotelian Society

Venue:  Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK
Dates:  November 26th & 27th 2010
Organisers: Dr Jules Holroyd, Dr Alessandra Tanesini, Professor Jennifer Saul

*Louise Antony (UMass, Boston) Title TBC

*Helen Beebee (Birmingham University) 'Women and deviance in philosophy'.

*Teresa Blankmeyer Burke, (Gallaudet University, Washington DC) 'Triple
Threat: Brown, Female, and Deaf'.

*Samantha Brennan, (University of Western Ontario) 'Rethinking the Moral
Significance of Micro-Inequities: The Case of Women in Philosophy'

*Pamela Hood (San Francisco State University) 'Socrates and King: An
Invitation to Philosophy'

*Jennifer Saul (University of Sheffield) 'Unconscious Influences and Women
in Philosophy'

*Mahlet Zimeta (Roehampton University) 'Philosophy and the Social Good'

*Roundtable discussion, chaired by Komarine Romdenh-Romluc (Nottingham
*SWIP-UK AGM meeting.

The conference will start at 10.30 on Friday 26th (first paper at 11am), and
end on Saturday 27th at approximately 3.30pm. A detailed programme will
later be available on the conference website.

Unwaged/student/SWIP member: £20
Waged: £25
Deposit for conference dinner: £5

The registration includes lunch and refreshments, but does not cover
accommodation or the conference dinner (which will be reasonably priced).
Accommodation venues can be found in the PDF document on the conference
website. Further alternatives can be found at

NB: it is advisable to book accommodation as early as possible, as sporting
events in the city mean accommodation is very hard to find unless bookings
are made in good time. If you have difficulties finding suitable
accommodation, please contact us as we will try to be of assistance.

To register, please send the tear-off slip below, with a cheque made payable
to 'Cardiff University', to: Dr Jules Holroyd, Philosophy, Humanities
Building, Colum Drive, Cardiff University, CF10
Alternatively, a registration form (to be printed and sent) will be
available from the conference website:

Further inquiries can be directed to the Cardiff-based organisers:
Jules Holroyd:
Alessandra Tanesini: