Friday, 11 June 2010

What is Feminism For? Monday 14 June - Lucy Cavendish College

You are warmly invited to come and discuss:

"What is Feminism For?"

Kat Banyard, author of "The Equality Illusion", will be appearing at the

annual Women's Word Festival at Lucy Cavendish College on Monday 14 June


In her new and ground breaking book, The Equality Illusion, Kat Banyard

sets out the major issues for 21st-century feminism, from the growing power

of the sex industry, and the myths and taboos which still surround rape and

domestic violence, to the widening pay gap.

Forty years after the Equal Pay Act, women are paid on average nearly 25%

less per hour than men, and 30,000 of us are sacked every year simply for

being pregnant. Women make up only 12% of FTSE directors, and remain firmly

in the minority in parliament and in the legal profession.

Meanwhile, women's bodies are objectified like never before in magazines,

online and in lap dancing clubs.

At “What is feminism for?” Kat Banyard will discuss the timely and important

resurgence of the feminist movement currently being spearheaded by young

and politically active women in 21st-century Britain.

Tickets for the event are £6. To book a place, please go to
and follow the links to the Women's Word online booking page

01223 764020 / 339243

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