Monday, 10 May 2010

Philosophy of Psychiatry Workshop

This looks really interesting:

University of Birmingham, 8th June 2010

The School of Philosophy Theology and Religion will host a workshop on
recent developments in the philosophy of psychiatry. Issues to be
discussed include the metaphysics of psychiatric disorders and psychiatric
kinds; autonomy and mental illness; and the interplay between
psychopathology and spirituality in phenomena such as 'possession' and
religious delusions.


Helen Beebee (Birmingham): 'Are psychiatric kinds real?'

Marion Godman (KCL):'The Swedish Apathetic Children: some epistemic and
metaphysical issues in grounding psychiatric kinds.'

Rachel Cooper (Lancaster):'Is psychiatric classification a good thing?'

Jill Craigie (KCL): 'Decision-making competence and practical rationality
in anorexia nervosa.'

Peregrine Horden (Royal Holloway):'Religion and psychiatry: a medieval

Paolo Mantovani (KCL):'On distinguishing delusions from religious beliefs.'

There is no registration fee, but if you want to attend you need to let
Lisa Bortolotti know by 15th May as places are limited. Just email:

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