Monday, 10 May 2010

Essay Prize: Philosophy


The journal Philosophical Explorations has inaugurated an annual essay
prize for philosophers in the early stages of their career. Papers are
invited on all aspects of the philosophy of mind and action. They should not
be under consideration for publication elsewhere, and should not be
submitted to any other journal until the outcome of the competition is known.

The Prize
* Publication of the winning essay in Philosophical Explorations as the
opening article of the June 2011 issue (volume 14, issue 2).
* The winning essay will be promoted on the website of the journal.
* Cash prize of #250.


All submitted papers that qualify (see conditions) will be evaluated by the
journal's editorial board. The top 5 papers will be nominated for the Prize
and will be judged by a jury consisting of three members of the journal's
advisory board. The jury will evaluate the papers on the originality of the
paper, the quality of the argumentation, conceptual clarity, and overall

The decision of the jury will be final. There is only one prize per year and
the jury reserves the right to award no prize at all if submitted material
is not of an appropriate standard.


* Philosophers who have earned their doctorate no more than five years prior
to submission are invited to submit (The winner will be required to document
that this is the case).

* Papers should be on the topic of the journal, i.e. the philosophy of mind
and action broadly understood (see general rules regarding submissions for
Philosophical Explorations in the journal or on our website:

* Word limit: 3000-9000 words, including notes and references.

* Closing date for submissions: August 30, 2010.

* Papers must be submitted by e-mail to Please indicate
clearly in the subject line that you wish to have the paper considered for
the Essay Prize. Make sure that the essay is modified for blind review, and
that it has an abstract. A separate sheet with information about the
university where you earned your doctorate, the date it was (or will be)
awarded, and current mailing address is required.

* For more information about the prize, please contact the assistant editor
of the journal, Melissa van Amerongen (

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journals homepage at

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