Thursday, 1 April 2010

Young Feminism Seminar - Manchester - 11 May 2010

I'm really excited to see this one!


PhD Seminar

11 May 2010   |   2-6pm

Dep. of Sociology, University of Manchester
University Place Room 6.207

Call for Participation

It is a widespread misconception that feminism is ‘post’ and did not
make it into the 21st Century. Ideas that young women are
post-feminist and do not engage with feminism is a trap! Since 2000
there has been an international and national surge in formal and
informal, institutional and grassroots, transnational and local
feminist initiatives. As a result, there has been an increase in
popular feminist and academic publications on the subject.

As PhD students researching young feminist ideology and activism, we
think it is important to develop academic thinking on young feminism
and to create a network of researchers in the field. With this in
mind, we would like to invite you to an interdisciplinary PhD seminar
on YOUNG FEMINISM on the 11 May 2010, at the University of Manchester.

This afternoon will provide an opportunity for PhD students
researching aspects of young feminism and young women to get to know
each other, discuss our research, and establish a network that enables
us to continue dialogue and debate whilst taking an interest in the
progress of each others work.

The seminar will cover two broad themes:

1.  THINKING & IDEOLOGY: Intersectional young feminism
Keynote speaker: Dr. Sophie Woodward (University of Manchester),
author of Why Feminism Matters. Feminism lost and found (2009,
co-author Prof. Kath Woodward), will offer a critical and
intergenerational account of contemporary feminism.

2.  DOING & ACTIVISM: Reclaiming young feminism
Keynote speaker: Catherine Redfern, founder of the F-Word and author
of Reclaiming the F Word: The New Feminist Movement (forthcoming,
co-author Dr. Kristen Aune), will examine the vibrant agenda of new
feminist activism.

We would like to invite PhD students to present their work in progress
on one of these themes. All students are welcome, from any department
or University and at any stage in their PhD research. Send us an
abstract and a brief statement of purpose (each max.150 words). The
deadline is 23 April. We welcome other researchers and staff
interested in the field of young feminism to attend. For presentation
and attendance (both limited), please fill in the registration form.
We will respond to applications 30 April.

Registration form:

-  Dieuwertje Dyi Huijg (Sociology, University of Manchester)
-  Susan O’Shea (CCSR, University of Manchester)


Refreshments will be provided.

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