Monday, 26 April 2010

Puritanical Feminism - the bursting of my bubble.

I recently have found myself in disagreement with a group of feminists who identify as 'Female Assigned at Birth' feminists. The blog is located here . As I read this blog, I quickly became perplexed about the lack of intellectual rigour at work in the discussion. I suppose I'd become so used to talking to feminist who were wiling to disagree with my using the basic tools of research and listening. My bubble has bursts with the discovery of a set that seek to demean other women by treating them with disrespect (acting condescending towards them and by calling them names).

BUT then! A light at the end of the tunnel appeared. Quiet Riot Girl sent me a link to her recent blog on puritanical feminism. I now have language in which to think my reaction to this group, and I'm grateful for it. Check out Quiet Riot Girl here.

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