Monday, 25 January 2010

[She] took the bait.

You know that commercial from Pepsi?  The one featuring the 3 guys who stage an octopus attack in order to attract the attention of a girl? In case you don't, it's here:

This add ran in the UK for the later part of 2009.  I was shocked that Pepsi (and Channel 4) had endorsed an add in which a woman was referred to as prey that 'took the bait'.  

I suspected there might have been some complaints to Ofcom (through ASA). According to the ASA list of complaints for that time period, however, Pepsi is not mentioned.  Digging a bit deeper, I find that the ASA does not handle complaints dealing with discrimination based on race, gender or sexual orientation.  The website directs me to the Equality and Human Rights Commission for those types of complaints.  This seems fair enough until I get there and discover that locating information about what to do when advertising is blatantly sexually discriminative is difficult. The website is aimed at individuals who have experienced direct sexual discrimination, rather than the discrimination portrayed in advertising.  Now that I've run out of time, I will simply have to investigate further if I see the advert again. 

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