Thursday, 28 January 2010

Graduate Summer Schools

I love Graduate Summer School programs!  I think the prospect of spending a week thinking and talking about a philosopher whilst in a city in which you don't live is fantastic.  I did the Irigaray summer seminar last year and it was intense, intellectually challenging and seriously good fun (fun in the way that thinking is fun, not so much in the way that drinking is fun).  Advertisements for summer schools are starting to appear.  Some of interest (beside the Irigaray summer school notice posted earlier this week):

Deleuze summer school with added kafka! :

EGS offers summer residencies: (The program at EGS can be pretty confusing, but last I checked, you could attend specific residences without undertaking the entire degree)

The European Summer School:

Simon Critchley is taking centre stage at the Tilburg summer school this year:

Also see, summer school on ethics and economics in the Netherlands:

There are also some great conferences scheduled for this summer and next fall

The North American Levinas Society is hosting a July conference in Paris:

The National Women's Association currently has a CFP out:

Also, SWIP-UK runs a a session during the Aristotelian Society annual conference:

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