Thursday, 23 September 2010

Dundee Research Seminar Series

I've said it once, and I'll say it again, I dig the Dundee philosophy department.

University of Dundee
Philosophy Research Seminar Series

Semester 1, 2010-11

All seminars Wednesdays 4-6 PM in Dalhousie Building room 2F15
(exception: Wednesday Sept. 29 is in Dalhousie room 1G05)
Dundee, Scotland

All welcome! Travel directions and campus map available here:

Sept. 22
Eileen John (Warwick), “Beauty, Interest, and Autonomy”

Sept. 29
Lorenzo Chiesa (Kent), “Christianity or Communism? Zizek's Marxian
Hegelianism and Hegelian Marxism”

Oct. 27 - Dalhousie 2F15
Simon Glendinning (LSE), "The unity of the philosophical in question:
interference and opacity within philosophical communication today"

Nov. 3
Peg Rawes (UCL), “Relational Ecologies: sexed subjectivity, nature
and aesthetics”

Nov. 10
Martin Kusch (Vienna), “Picture and Disagreement in Wittgenstein's
‘Lectures on Religious Belief’”

Nov. 17
Lorens Holm (Dundee), “Capitalism and the Death Drive: the view from

Dec. 1
Dominic Smith (Dundee), “Beginning to Think: Thought as a Political
Act in the Age of the Internet”

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