Thursday, 22 April 2010

Let's divvy up equality.

I've been reading a whole helluva lot lately, so I can't be sure who's written that when men are unequal and women are unequal, we reach a certain level of equality. I thought we might approach inequality as one would a negotiation. How would such a negotiation go? Imagine a boardroom where all the men and women of the world are sat on opposite sides of the table. (The transfolks, androgynous folks and everyone else of indeterminate sex would also need to sit on the women's side simply because women don't tend to kill these people and men do.) So, we're in the boardroom:

The women agree that the men can have professional sport and that they'll take majority representation in government (in the UK, this would be 70%).
The men agree that they would like to keep objectifying women as sex objects and in return will give up prostitution and pornography.
The women agree to buy into the illusion that the Iraq war is about democracy and the men agree to shut down Fox news.

Everyone's happy until the women decide they're done with childcare. They agree men should take over childcare and in return women will support the pub industry.

I especially like this last solution. :-)

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