Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Glee: Are you really that surprised?

So here's the major plot line: There's this guy in his 30s who teaches Spanish at a high school. He has two women after him (sometimes 3). These include: his wife, his co-worker and random other hotties that find him adorable.

Here's the second major plot line: There's this guy in his teens who's captain of the football team, quarter back and male lead in the glee club. He has two women after him. These include: the girl he thought he knocked up and the female lead in glee club.

Is anyone surprised that the show is deeply, deeply sexist? It portrays a world in which girls moon over guys they can't get and guys feel confused and often quite lucky that so many girls moon after them.

And yet! Who's the most interesting person on Glee:

Without question, if Jane Lynch wasn't covering the comedy portion of the show, it would look a lot like High School Musical (shudder).  Jane Lynch, I would argue, also played one of the most interesting characters on the L Word. I've chosen in my own feminist way to ignore the moony-boy plot lines in Glee and cheer at the fact that a woman is doing brilliant comedy on television.

Stepping off my soap box . . .

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