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2010 Law and Leadership Summer Program for Muslim Women

2010 Law and Leadership
Summer Program
"Leadership is and should be viewed as a calling. You have to know with confidence that you can make a difference, and, more strongly, that you should make a difference." - Michael Useem
Professor of Management, Wharton, University of Pennsylvania
Described by its alumnae as "…enriching, unforgettable and extremely stimulating," the Law and Leadership Summer Program (LLSP) is the most outstanding and unique leadership development program offered to Muslim women from around the world. LLSP incorporates the study of Islamic law as a means to foster leadership qualities in Muslim women so that they may be well positioned to implement progressive and orderly change.
Each year the program selects approximately 25 outstanding Muslim women to take courses on Islamic Jurisprudence, Comparative Law, Conflict Resolution, and Leadership Development. This year's class included participants from Canada, Belgium, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and the United States. In addition to the diversity reflected by their ethnic backgrounds, the women in the program represent a wide range of professions including law students, lawyers, professors, politicians, social service providers, and activists from different non-profit organizations.
leePrevious classes have been led by some of the most prominent professors, lawyers, and community leaders in the field. A recurrent speaker at LLSP, Imam Muhammad Magid of the All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) Center in Sterling, Virginia, provided invaluable insight into the foundations of the Qur'an, hadith, and ijtihad. Dr. Amr Abdullah, Professor and Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, University for Peace in Costa Rica, through his courses on Conflict Resolution, provided his students with effective strategies to implement their new-found skills. Students were further trained on confidence and leadership through a series of courses on leadership development led by professors from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.
As mentioned above, the Law and Leadership Summer Program consists of four components: Islamic Jurisprudence, Comparative Law, Conflict Resolution, and Leadership Development. Each component complements and builds upon the skills offered to the students.
Islamic Jurisprudence serves as the foundation of the program. In addition to learning about the history of Islamic jurisprudence, students are introduced to the basics of interpreting the Qur'an and hadith. With this knowledge, students then discuss topics pertaining to women and human rights within the context of Islamic law. The goal of this portion of LLSP is to ensure that Muslim women can articulate opinions on various issues of concern to their communities, based upon an informed knowledge of Islam.
The Comparative Law component of the program further enhances the student's understanding of the law by emphasizing the principles of the American Constitution, its legal parameters, and the practical implications it has on the development of legislation in a society with a major American Muslim population. Students were given the opportunity to discuss issues as diverse as the Enforcement of the Islamic Marriage Contract in American Courts.
Equipped with new knowledge of Islamic Jurisprudence and Comparative Law, students are well-positioned to communicate concerns to their respective communities. However, to ensure that these concerns are articulated in the most effective manner, LLSP trains women in the ways of Conflict Resolution. Through a curriculum involving group discussions and role play, the students are shown various methods of handling resistance and working as part of a team. It is only natural that the program builds upon the theme of Conflict Resolution by offering trainings in Leadership Development.
Last year’s Leadership Development component of LLSP included speeches from renowned guests, such Professor Useem and Professor McGrath from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. This component bolsters confidence in its students by improving their presentation and organizational skills so that they can properly engage their public. Courses from last year’s LLSP included the Leadership Moment, Developing Leadership Strategies, Women and Leadership, an Interactive Taping Session, and Building Successful Relationships with Journalists and the Media.
The Law and Leadership Summer Program is truly remarkable in its structure and content. It is not only a chance to tap into your leadership potential, it is also an opportunity to create an unbreakable bond of friendship with the most talented and driven women the Ummah has to offer.
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