Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Day 2 of Women's Month: Christina Hoff Sommers

It might seem odd to celebrate Christina Hoff Sommers during Women's Month.  However, without the gains made by the feminist movement, there would be no place in the world for Hoff Sommers. Well, there would, it would be in the kitchen. She, like many of us, would be sat at home, isolated, lonely and wishing the world was a bit different.  Luckily, it is!  And in this different world we get to hear the 'insights' of a woman who seems bent on maintaining the status quo. 

Here's a recent article from Hoff Sommers.  In it, she argues that women are changing the male dominated culture of science. For Hoff Sommers, this change in culture is leading to bad science:


I suppose her message is: Girls, if you can get in and do science, please do it like a man. 

My response: You do what you need to do to get paid, Christina.  It is, afterall, all about the bottome line.

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