Monday, 15 February 2010

Women in the Bible - Channel 4

I've really gotten into Channel 4's series, The Bible: A History.  Last night, Bettany Hughes brought us 'The Daughters of Eve'.  You can see it here:

She made a really interesting point. She suggested that the female virginity clause in Christian doctrine was embraced by many women who had lived under the Pagan Eros.  These women were, in short, tired of having to have sex.  Christianity gave them the power and opportunity to say no for the first time.  I don't know my Bible history, and I'm positive there are problems with this interpretation, but on the surface she's got a point.  The right to say no might very well be a little discussed Christian gift to women.

I read so much French psychoanalysis and work inspired by French psychoanalysis, that I have often been led to think of Eros as the promise land of female sexuality - Eros is that thing we should all be aiming towards.  Hughes has countered that with something I have long wanted to write about: the perversion of the female 'no'.

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