Thursday, 25 February 2010

The IGRS Grad Forum - Women

The IGRS (Institute of German and Romance Studies) Grad Forum meets once a month. The group is led by post-grads and only post-grads attend. I'm one of the coordinators this year. I think it might be interesting to host a summer day conference for those working on any area of women-oriented studies that is in any way connected with Modern Languages. Generally, the group hears a lot of literature based work, but I'd like to see more philosophy, critical theory and science. I can only suggest a summer day conference to my co-coordinators, if there is interest in the topic. So, to that end, I'm asking those in or near London (or those who want to come to London in the summer) for abstracts. If we get enough interest, we'll set a date and take over a room in Senate House.

Send abstracts to:

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