Thursday, 18 February 2010

Feminism Conference London March 2011

Watch this space!  A colleage and I are putting together a 2 day conference on feminism for March of 2011.  We shall be releasing the CFP and CFArtists in the next few weeks. 

The conference builds on themes uncovered in a Workshop on Feminism and Heterosexuality held in 2009.  The website for that workshop is here:

The 2011 conference will not focus on heterosexuality. It will include topics dealing with feminism and religion, domestic identity, domestic violence, apathy in the academy as well as feminism's response to its critics, how to include men in the picture and/ or work with Men's Rights movements. 

Also, it's a woman only event.

We hope to have some money available to help with accomodation and travel as well, but probably won't have tons.

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