Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Old ideas and new.

You know when you get to that bit in your argument where things start coming together?  Doesn't it seem like that should be the good bit?  The time for your genius to reveal itself?  Mine never does the first time around.  I get to that bit and I quake and shiver at the thought of the thing ending.  I keep writing on - endlessly.  I pass the point, go back to it, pass it again.  Then, I throw in some incredibly long quotations and some secondary sources.  Good lord, please let me finish this thought at some point.  Today.

In other news, I've finally found a way to talk about the documentary Pray the Devil Back to Hell in a paper.  I love this documentary.  It was profoundly moving for me.  Also, it's an example of how feminism emerges in non-Anglo, non-Western contexts.  I love that it emphasises the beauty of this emergences.  Check out their webpage here:

Thought of the day: When in doubt, bake your own bread.

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