Thursday, 7 January 2010

15 minutes on Thursday morning

Happy New Year, blogland.

I’m sitting here bundled up in a sweater and sweatshirt. There is a scarf around my neck and 2 pairs of socks keeping my feet warm.  Behind me, I can hear clumps of snow falling off the roof.  ‘Clump.’  ‘Clump.’ It resounds.  The sun is peeking out through the clouds, hitting the snow, creating splashes of spectacular light everywhere you look.  

I’ve made some new year’s resolutions:

Get into Star Trek.  2010 will be a year for embracing my inner geek. Thus far, I’ve seen an episode a day.  I’m doing well.

Forgive.  The stress of 2009 combined with getting involved in the trivial workings of people I don’t in fact like that much has meant that I’ve spent far too much time being in a huff lately.  This year, I shall try and forgive those who I do like and want to have in my life.  Thus far, this mission is going well.  I’ve made up with one pal.  Now, on to family!

Find a rug for the dining room.  This is a good one as it is direct, and no-nonsense.  Find a rug.  I can do that in a year.

Finish my thesis.  It’s always good to put something on the list that you’ve intended to do anyway.  When this one gets marked off, it will be a big, big deal.

Get hitched.  This might sound like an odd thing to include in a resolution as it is really more of a life plan item.  (for explanation of what life plan means, please find an american - preferably a female - one with lots of ambition). I’m including it here because it turns out that once you make this decision, the planning becomes immediately overwhelming.  So I suppose the resolution should really be - plan a getting-hitched event and all post- and pre- getting hitched events, of which there are many because they have to occur on 2 continents.

Right, it’s time to get on with number 4.

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